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A true adventurer's trip with the chance to dive underwater reefs, brave river rapids, and trek deep into remote jungles. Zip-line in the cloud forest of Monteverde, listen to the rumble of Arenal Volcano, and enjoy the long white-sand beaches of Samara.

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  • re: Hey!
    nikki - 05/09/2013 06:00
    Hey there people! How's everyone doing? claire, thanks for your advice about the rabbies jabs. I decided that Iam g...
  • Costa Rica panama trail
    Tom-M - 04/09/2013 22:46
    Hey there! If you are, get in touch! :-) Thanks Tom
  • re: Hey!
    Tom-M - 04/09/2013 22:42
    Hi, I just booked my trip for the 27th October!!! I've never travelled with Trek America before but super excited t...

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