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What a week in the US Southwest. A double dose of national park adventure, sandwiched right between two of its most unforgettable cities. This trip can promise canyons, casinos and cacti. Yep, this is the Big Country, make no mistake!

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Tour Forum

  • Excited!
    valerie - 26/07/2014 23:46
    Is anyone else going on the Western Wonder trek leaving from San Francisco on August 18th?
  • re: Anyone?
    Emily - 25/07/2014 20:10
    Cool! Well I've booked a hostel at both ends pre- and post- tour, both within 10min walk from the departure and arriva...
  • re: Anyone?
    felix_cw - 25/07/2014 18:58
    Hey :) Yeah, Im on that Trek, but don't get into San Francisco until the 24th and Im leaving LA on the 2nd of Septemb...

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