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This one's just how it sounds. Trace virtually the entire western seaboard, darting inland to swing by a couple of must see national parks. Throw in a few isolated beaches, giant redwoods and the big-city buzz of LA and San Fran and you've found the real McCoy.

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  • re: Universal Studios trip pre tour?
    Bessie - 19/04/2014 02:05
    Hi Bessie, I've never seen a game before either, so I think it will be exciting. You would be more than welcome to tag...
  • re: Universal Studios trip pre tour?
    gemmylou - 18/04/2014 21:35
    A baseball game ? That sounds even better than dinner. Would you mind if I perhaps tagged along? I've never seen it be...
  • re: Universal Studios trip pre tour?
    Bessie - 05/04/2014 06:32
    Hi Bessie, Nice to meet you. Sorry for the delay in replying I have unfortunately been suffering from wisdom tooth pr...

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