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Passing the big, the bold and the downright brash, this route carves a breathtaking trail. Get trek-happy in a heap of national parks, party hard in city after city, cross state lines and the Canadian border. Oh, and expect a few oddball experiences thrown in for good measure.

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  • It was amazing!!

    I was so excited to see all the places on the itinerary, for me getting to see some of North America's main destinations with a bit of Canada was too ... more »

  • Making friends from West to East

    Amazing Trek, this BIG Trek has the best places to visit all collected in just one single trip. For me, this was Trek number 5 already, but it was one... more »

Tour Forum

  • LA-NYC 27th July 2014
    Helen Mc - 20/04/2014 21:37
    Anyone else booked onto this trek?! Helen x 
  • re: Anyone booked on?
    Laura Pfundt - 19/04/2014 23:39
    I've been to Florida a few times, but that was all with my parents about 7 years ago. How about you and your boyfriend...
  • re: Anyone booked on?
    Ashley - 19/04/2014 14:14
    Don't know about anyone else. Been checking on here to see if others have joined. So excited! Have you been to america...

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