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This one's topped our charts for over thirty years, thanks to its blend of Eastern energy and slow-paced Deep South discovery mingled with mountains, canyons and cacti-studded deserts, before a laid-back West Coast sign off. Yes sir, this is one varied snapshot of the States.

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  • re: Who's going?
    Kavita - 18/04/2014 17:24
    hey whats your face book name we have a group on facebook i can add you to.our tour must be nearly filled now! cant wa...
  • Newbie
    Samantha - 18/04/2014 12:13
    Hi I'm Sam  I've booked to go on this trip can't wait! I'm doing the same as most of yous and flying out on ...
  • re: Southern sun -6th August 2014
    matthew_lathey - 17/04/2014 11:20
    Hi :-) booked onto this trek for the 6th August 2014 and just wondering if anyone else has booked on too? Hey Emm...

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