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One almighty scenic sweep stretches from ocean to ocean. Experience olden day frontiers and sacred Native American lands to cowboy towns and cosmopolitan cities. And fear not, hardy souls, the outdoor pursuits come thick and fast across the great US wildernesses.

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  • re: Anyone?
    Rachael Williams - 31/07/2014 01:17
    I fly from Heathrow around midday too! I did a trek last year, the southern sun one....getting really excited about th...
  • re: Anyone?
    Nicola - 30/07/2014 16:26
    So excited!!  I think we'll be melting during the day!  We fly from Heathrow at midday, wanted the evening a...
  • re: Anyone?
    HelenMc - 29/07/2014 15:01
    I'm on this trek too,  I don't fly out until the 4th though.  Not long to go!Hi Rachael!  Great, so the...

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