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Go coast to coast. Stop by Great Lakes, breeze through great cities and make a bunch of great new friends. Clap your eyes on rugged Rockies, sparse prairies and protected wildernesses that simply demand hiking and biking. All in all, this is one almighty road trip.

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  • re: Anyone else??
    Jimmy - 13/04/2014 15:14
    That's where I'm staying too! I'm going back to the UK on the 6th so i've got two nights there after the trip :) ...
  • re: Anyone else??
    Ness - 08/04/2014 18:35
    Hey, I've booked to stay in the Green Tortoise Hostel at the end of the trek. Located right near the space needle in S...
  • re: Anyone else??
    Jimmy - 07/04/2014 17:56
    Hi guys, Glad to hear I'm not going by myself! I'm getting to NY on the 7th so it'd definitely be cool to meet up be...

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