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Go right across the continent, from the coolest to the most populated US city - that's LA to NY in other words. If you simply ain't a tent sort of person, there's no finer way to roll on through a kaleidoscope of deserts and mountains, cities and canyons in the states. Magic!

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  • re: Who will we be meeting?
    Rumours - 15/04/2014 22:51
    Not to mention having to add on tax before buying anything! Yeah I think I'm going to phone them again, just to be su...
  • re: Who will we be meeting?
    Lauren7 - 15/04/2014 19:54
    Tips do your head in haha certainly not used to it here in oz so will take some getting used to! My Travel agent on th...
  • re: Who will we be meeting?
    Rumours - 14/04/2014 15:45
    I'm going to need to actively remember to tip sometimes, because obviously we just don't do it so much! Now this is g...

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