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Go right across the continent, from the coolest to the most populated US city - that's LA to NY in other words. If you simply ain't a tent sort of person, there's no finer way to roll on through a kaleidoscope of deserts and mountains, cities and canyons in the states. Magic!

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  • re: Howdy
    Louis Boys - 22/07/2014 09:36
    Heeey Im from Hertfordshire in the UK :) Im so excited for the trip just over 8 weeks to go. I'm a lil nervous too t...
  • re: Hiking shoes?
    Raani-and-Nieske - 21/07/2014 22:34
    No I don't own hiking boots I'll be sticking with converse or trainers I think they will be fine. Do you think Summer...
  • re: Hiking shoes?
    Charlene Michelson - 21/07/2014 21:21
    Question: Do you all own hiking shoes? and do we need them?  Or are shoes like converse all stars good enough?No...

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