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Share the spirit of early settlers along Native American trade routes. Trek and canoe through wild landscapes and discover a new land for yourself. While French-Canadian history is brought to the fore, we have thrown in a few twenty-first century thrills for good measure.

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  • re: Who's coming with me? :)
    Vince - 21/04/2014 17:36
    I have posted a message with the hope that someone who has been before can provide us with a list of items this is wha...
  • re: Who's coming with me? :)
    Anne-marie - 21/04/2014 13:14
    Oooh exciting! Just over 3 months to go! :) Yeah there must be some more people booked on that havnt been on here yet...
  • anyone else on this trek
    sianlj - 21/04/2014 11:19
    hello  Ive book up on this trek last year and been keeping an eye out on here to see if anyone else is going but...

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