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From Caribbean sunsets to hidden Mayan temples, this is your chance to explore and be amazed as you cross the border from Mexico to Belize and Guatemala.

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  • Hello :)
    Elke - 30/07/2014 18:38
    Heeey Lianne, I'm also going on the 5th of august :D!! Where are you from?? Are you in the hotel in PLaya del Carmen, ...
  • re: hello!
    Lianne - 23/05/2014 19:53
    Hiya, which date are you going? Magz xHiya im going on the 5th of august but ive just seen your other thread, you're g...
  • 15/07/14 Whos in?!?!
    Magz - 22/05/2014 02:25
    Hi all, anyone on this tour departing 15th July 2014?! Magz x

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