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Sandwich a couple world-class resorts and three spectacular parks between two of the coolest cities in North America, season with adrenaline to taste and you've got one mouth watering portion of adventure that's fit for a bear!

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  • anybody going?
    Kelly B - 08/04/2014 20:00
    Hi. Just wondering who else is joining this trek? Thanks :)
  • re: So who's Going?
    Kelly B - 08/04/2014 19:55
    Hi, I'm sally. Also my first trek., if anyone does want to meet up at the hotel this evening, i'm back for the rest if...
  • re: So who's Going?
    Sally Walsh - 25/08/2013 03:17
    Hey guys, sorry i haven't been here. Had a scary time recently and wasn't sure i was going to make the trip, long sto...

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