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Sandwich a couple world-class resorts and three spectacular parks between two of the coolest cities in North America, season with adrenaline to taste and you've got one mouth watering portion of adventure that's fit for a bear!

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  • re: So who's Going?
    Miranda - 19/07/2014 20:33
    Miranda- ths trip was a year ago.... Have a look at my post for going this year 11th aug?Ah thanks Becky!  Glad y...
  • re: So who's Going?
    Bec1978 - 18/07/2014 23:18
    Hi I'm Miranda and this will be my first Trek America trip.  Looking forward to it!  I've still to get mself...
  • re: Who's on it?
    Bec1978 - 18/07/2014 22:44
    Yes travellig alone From Bristol going to be my third trek. You? X I went on a camping one in 2001 on the east co...

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