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This is one huge, fast and furious loop that does the States to its fullest. Six non-stop weeks cram in the parks and the peaks, the Mexican and Canadian frontiers, ghost towns and skyscraping cities. Oh, not forgetting a little helping of everything else in between.

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  • re: Grand trek departing may 27th
    GeeJC - 17/04/2014 12:04
    Who else is going? JackI'm doing the Northern Trail which links up to the first half of this trek, so see you there...
  • re: Not long now!
    Rayan - 15/04/2014 18:58
    Heya Guys two weeks today and everyone will be checking into the hotel lol. So do you lot wonna meet up at all on the ...
  • re: Not long now!
    Charls - 15/04/2014 18:28
    Im so excited! :D ye that sounds like a good idea would be nice to meet up, i get there at about half 12 in the aftern...

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