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Start amidst the corridors of power then veer right off the tourist paths. DC, Chicago and NYC are fast-paced, but we even the balance with soaring peaks, Great Lakes and Niagara Falls. Add a soundtrack of blues, country & western. Yep, we reckon you've got the East covered.

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    This was my first Trek America trip and it will not be may last! Everything about this trip was amazing, we had a great bunch off people and an amaz... more »

  • Amazing value, loads to see, great tour leader, de...

    It was my first time to the USA and I'm so happy that I went with Trek America! Had an amazing time and wouldn't change a thing. There was so much to ... more »

  • 13 nights with 13 legends

    You only have to scan over the reviews to realise what a special tour operator Trek America is. And no matter how good you think it is going to be, it... more »

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  • re: Anyone on this trek
    Jen Steen - 23/07/2014 16:38
    I'm from Birmingham :D I'm already in America working for a camp up in Vermont :D are you at University?Omg snap!! Im ...
  • re: First trek.
    Nicole Mulholland - 22/07/2014 19:43
    Anyone booked on the trip for the 31st of august? heeey :) I am on this trek, I am working in a camp in Pennsylva...
  • re: Anyone on this trek
    Tania - 21/07/2014 23:11
    Hey!! AHHH SO EXCITED! I'm from Scotland. What about you? I'm from Birmingham :D I'm already in America working f...

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