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Canada's Rockies line up a supreme vision of the wild. Hiking is top-drawer and mountain bikers will be on cloud nine. Add in the wildlife, horseback riding, whitewater rafting and an overnight canoe trip to the list and you won't find two more exhilarating weeks.

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  • re: anyone else?
    nicolepalombi - 20/03/2014 07:40
    hey, is anyone else booked onto this one?Heyy! I'm booked in for the tour too :) 
  • re: Anyone booked on?
    john_1981 - 28/08/2013 23:01
    Great stuff Martin look forward to seeing you there.  We will all have to meet for a drink in the hotel when we ...
  • re: Random trek questions because I don't want t...
    Emma - 27/08/2013 10:42
    I'm gonna take 200 dollars cash then use atms in jasper and banff i reckon.   When we get back on the 23rd i'll...

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