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A true adventurer's trip with the chance to dive underwater reefs, brave river rapids, and trek deep into remote jungles. Costa Rica and Panama have it all, from stunning jungle-lined beaches to barren and active volcanoes.

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  • re: Hello
    Hwarren1 - 25/07/2014 15:05
    Hi Hayley, We're gonna try and get Costa Rican money for cash but if this is unavailable or difficult to come by th...
  • re: Hello
    Paula - 25/07/2014 09:42
    Hey all,   just had some questions. Hopefully one of you could help me.   How much money are people taki...
  • re: Hello
    Hwarren1 - 24/07/2014 16:31
    Hi everyone - I'm arriving in San Jose late on the 8th Aug so will also be around. I'm staying at the Gateway Hotel a...

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