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Four states in 3 weeks make for one heck of a road trip. Taste the laidback West coast vibe, and the outrageous glitz of Tinseltown and Vegas. Explore wide-open plains where gun-toting cowboys and Native Indians once hung out as you discover the pure, 100% American Southwest.

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  • re: Who's going?
    Lauren - 19/04/2014 13:31
    Myself & Ben are also staying at the hotel the night we finish, and then we fly home 10o'clock the next night...
  • re: Who's going?
    abbiegreene - 15/04/2014 19:32
    I'm planning on taking the super shuttle Becks but I haven't booked it yet. I think it's $16 each way :) I've used the...
  • re: Who's going?
    Gemma H - 10/04/2014 22:36
    Sounds good :) I'm staying in the departure hotel just the night after the trek finishes and flying back the next day....

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