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Can we let you into a little secret? It ain't just California. The call of Vegas is just too strong. As for the Grand Canyon. well, when you're this close, it seems crazy not to swing by. Hold the bacon, lettuce and tomato, I'll take a Budget Lodging Tour!

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  • By far the best trip of my life

    Having never embarked on a trip such as this before I was a little nervous, but I genuinely loved it from start to end. I have met some truly amazing ... more »

  • awesome

    The tour was really good!, we saw everything I wanted and we had everywhere enough time, our tour guide was great and the our group was really nice an... more »

  • Fantastic places, great people, heaps of fun!!!!

    This trip was amazing from start to finish!!! A really great mix of sight seeing, natural wonders and partying! We started the trip in Yosemite whic... more »

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  • re: 18 - 24 May
    Flick - 15/04/2014 14:19
    Yeah, mutliple contact methods may be a lifesaver. Expect I will get the USA phone when I am paid tomorrow at this rat...
  • re: 18 - 24 May
    j_e_finch - 14/04/2014 21:55
    I work at my local uni for the Alumni office - quite like it but it's a temporary role - still looking for something p...
  • re: 18 - 24 May
    brad - 14/04/2014 21:51
    Good idea to put a message on here once we know what we’re wearing.  Advantage for you guys – you kno...

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