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A whole patchwork quilt of experiences rolls out over 17 states. From LA, head through plains, prairies, mountains and canyons 'til the coast calls again on the other side. Seek out the southern tip of Florida before heading up to New York. It's how all road trips should be.

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Tour Forum

  • Hi
    Kate - 12/04/2014 04:13
    Hi   Anyone else going on the Coast to Coast South trip from LA that leaves on 7 September? :) 
  • re: Whose going?
    kami - 03/04/2014 22:35
    I'm on this one too :D Arrive in LA on the 12th, from Heathrowineed to check my flight details may be flying to hea...
  • re: Whose going?
    Joe Wink - 03/04/2014 14:50
    hi got my flights I arrive in LA on the 12th was guna book in the haccendia hotel but looks like the hotels have chang...

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