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See the weird, the wild and the wacky faces of America on this epic adventure. Half-buried Cadillacs, line dancing and UFO accounts are among the leftfield experiences that share trip time with grand cities and vast yawning canyons. It's one sweet slice of Americana.

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    I'm a little late writing this but better late than never.. So where to begin? I booked this trip November 2012 so nearly a year before. I can say I ... more »

  • Trek Motto? You only live once!

    Having never experienced anything like trek before, I was someone who had never slept in a tent, never really done much 'hiking' and can look back now... more »

  • The most awesome time of my life

    This tour has a bit of everything going from NYC to San Fran over 28 days you really get a feel for the country and the different cultures and scenery... more »

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  • Americana adventure
    michelle jo - 19/04/2014 18:59
    anyone booked for this trek?    I am booked and all paid up and ready to go cannot wait :)    ...
    Emily Whitehead - 08/12/2013 19:39
  • re: are you ready... (?)
    Emma - 28/07/2013 21:19
    yes not long, will soon fly by. what day and time you arriving in NY. im there about 3.45 on 31stI fly the 31st but do...

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