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So how about more than two months dedicated to all things Stateside? We've combined our Coast to Coast North and South Treks to create one vast circuit that takes in the best of the US. Seriously, you want full throttle adventure? This is the big one.

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Tour Forum

  • Trailblazer July 20th 2014
    Emma Tustin - 15/03/2014 19:38
    Who else is booked on this trip and where from??   I am from Birmingham and flying from London Heathrow 
  • Who else is as excited as me?!
    Sooz - 10/03/2014 11:55
    Hi! Anyone else on the Trailblazer tour from LA departing 19/04/14? I've met one guy through the Facebook page but h...
  • Who else is coming?
    Rachel - 22/01/2014 16:17
    Hey! I am booked on the Trailblazer from LA, departing 17th May 2014. Anyone else on this trip?

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