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Can we let you into a little secret? It ain't just California. The call of Vegas is just too strong. As for the Grand Canyon. well, when you're this close, it seems crazy not to swing by. Hold the bacon, lettuce and tomato, I'll take a Budget Lodging Tour!

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  • re: Hi!!:)
    lynne - 29/07/2014 22:10
    booked mine!!!  yes really looking forward to the whole trip!  especially looking forward to the grand canyo...
  • re: Hi!!:)
    Chris - 29/07/2014 20:30
    Ok, I am ready to book 8:45am (13th Sept) ... and I can't wait!!! :) :) Sylwia, Chris, others?booked mine!!!  ye...
  • re: Hi!!:)
    Arthur - 29/07/2014 20:05
    I'm going for 8.45am, gives more time for the rest of the day then, good idea!  I'm sure there will be a bus/tram...

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