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Can we let you into a little secret? It ain't just California. The call of Vegas is just too strong. As for the Grand Canyon. well, when you're this close, it seems crazy not to swing by. Hold the bacon, lettuce and tomato, I'll take a Budget Lodging Tour!

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  • Life changing!!!!!!

    Life changing is literally the words I would describe this trip! I have always wanted to go see the Grand Canyon and it did not disappoint, people sa... more »

  • Unforgettable, awe-inspiring adventure with awesom...

    I was so undecided and a little nervous, as to whether doing a trek was the way to discover America. I AM SO GLAD I DID IT! I met a bunch of likeminde... more »

  • great

    great job of the tour leader, nice hotels, good tourplan more »

Tour Forum

  • re: hii
    jaded_jade18 - 22/07/2014 14:00
    anybody else on this one?Hey, i'm going with my cousin on the one that starts 14th September but we leave from He...
    jaded_jade18 - 22/07/2014 13:59
    I'm from Aberdeenshire! How about you? Ah cool! I get there on the 12th too! Hopefully there's trains or buses that g...
  • re: hii
    Sharielle123 - 22/07/2014 13:00
    anybody else on this one?I'm on the western blt! But starts the 14th September? X

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