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This one's topped our charts for over thirty years, thanks to its blend of Eastern energy and slow-paced Deep South discovery mingled with mountains, canyons and cacti-studded deserts, before a laid-back West Coast sign off. Yes sir, this is one varied snapshot of the States.

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  • Tour Leader

    P.s The tour leader Spenser Widin or Spenny as we called him was fantastic!!! more »


    The Southern Sun was one of the best experiences I have ever encountered, You see so much you do so much and you make some of the most amazing friends... more »

  • The best thing I have ever done.

    After 3 months of working on a summer camp, I wanted to see as much of America before my visa ran up and the southern sun was my choice of Trek. My tr... more »

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  • Southern Sun 15th June 2014 from LA to NY, Who i...
    Denise - 11/04/2014 21:09
    Hey everyone!! I'm Denise from the Netherlands and was wondering who else booked the Southern Sun from Los Angele...
  • re: Anybody on this one?!
    Natalie - 03/04/2014 15:01
    Hi, I'm on this one as well :) Its my first trek too, so excited! Yay! When are you both arriving in LA? It's g...
  • re: Anybody on this one?!
    Lauren - 03/04/2014 12:35
    Hi, I'm on this one as well :) Its my first trek too, so excited!Me too! This is my first Trek! Very excited! :)

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