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Beat a path from ocean to ocean, leaving LA for New York. Along the way, you'll browse a whole gallery of classic Americana and leftfield oddities, from cosmopolitan cities to time-warp cowboy towns and burnt orange deserts. If only winter was always this colourful.

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Tour Forum

  • Meet and greet who's going.
    Jamie - 07/07/2014 12:24
    Hey,    Thought I would start this prior to the information being sent out 6 weeks before we depart so we ...
  • re: Anyone going?
    AndyGoodchild - 19/04/2014 16:56
    Hi,  I've just booked this trip! Hi Tilly.  Awesome, was begining to think it was just me going on th...
  • re: Anyone going?
    MissTilly89 - 19/04/2014 11:44
    Anyone else booked onto this trip yet? I've just signed up for my first ever trek. Can not wait to spend New Years Eve...

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