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Posted by ClairJ, 17/02/2014

This was a great trip (as all of them are, I'm sure). It was a lovely mix of all the cities/towns of the west coast; Yosemite, San Francisco, Seattle, Mt. St. Helen's, and many small coastal towns that I had never heard of. Admittedly I had never heard of most of the places we visited - but really s...

Posted by DANNYBOY92, 01/01/2014

If you want to see some amazing national parks I would definitely recommend this tour. Not so many cities which I prefer but this is still an great tour.

When I went in July we did not have one day of rain, every day was hot and sunny :)

Lets start with Oregon - on the itine...

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This one's just how it sounds. Trace virtually the entire western seaboard, darting inland to swing by a couple of must see national parks. Throw in a few isolated beaches, giant redwoods and the big-city buzz of LA and San Fran and you've found the real McCoy.

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