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Posted by Sarah, 07/07/2014

I had an amazing time on this trip! This one had a perfect mix of national parks and big cities. The timing might have been a little early, some things up north were closed because of the amount of snow that was still around, but our guide always thought of something for us to do! I've done a lot of...

Posted by Vincent Schenk, 05/06/2014

This is not a review of a particular trip.

I did a lot of traveling in my life, but the treks with Trek America special to me they were truly unlike any of my other trips.

I remember sleeping op top of the van, playing fun games by campfires, doing excellent hikes, meeting p...

Posted by Jess Mccombie, 05/09/2013

From start to finish, it has been a worl wind experience. So much to see and take in, so a few highlights being the city stops, national parks and meeting the best group of people ever. I am sooooo happy I booked this trip and would even consider doing another in the near future.

Tip: bri...

Posted by Mathew, 31/07/2013

I had a great time on C2C North, saw some amazing sights and had some unforgettable moments, but as I'd expected there is a lot of driving involved. A lot.

It's mainly on the eastern half of the trip though and as such, if you don't take anything else from this review take this, I strongl...

Posted by Brianny, 27/03/2013

I was originally scared of signing up for a tour as long as this one, but im glad i did.
Our group named ourselves the Ninjas, and off we went! I have never been more happy in my life to sit in a van with such
a lovely group of people. We would take turns in playing each others music, dan...

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Passing the big, the bold and the downright brash, this route carves a breathtaking trail. Get trek-happy in a heap of national parks, party hard in city after city, cross state lines and the Canadian border. Oh, and expect a few oddball experiences thrown in for good measure.

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