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Posted by Clare Wildin, 08/07/2014

I can't recommend this trip enough!!! If what you are after is breath-taking mountain scenery, plenty of opportunities for hiking, desert beauty and generally just enjoying the great outdoors, then this is the trek for you. Each National Park you visit has its highlights and there is so much to se...

Posted by Pim Blokker, 07/07/2014

The trip is the best way to go through the Rockies in a good amount of time. Camping is the right way to experience it: as it should, with all the kind of weather the mountains gave. It gives the tour what it should: nature at its best.

Posted by Hana, 16/03/2014

trek left from LA not Seattle but can't see a header for that!

Really good 3 weeks with such a variety of scenery, the only downside is it could do with being a few days longer as the ending is a little rushed.

Great people and so many things to see and do, lots of gorgous plac...

Posted by Lucy, 20/10/2013

This trek lets you experience two different worlds, starting in the lush mountains of Washington, Montana, Colorado and Wyoming, and finishing up in the deserts of Utah, Arizona and Nevada.

Climbing Mt Rainier was a dramatic way to start the trip (so much for easing us in with less chal...

Posted by Katherine M, 08/12/2012

If you choose this trek you'll quickly see why it gets its name as you leave the city of Seattle behind and head into the our highest point we were at 13000ft!!! You'll visit 7 National Parks and each one is so different and the scenery is stunning. There's a good choice of hikes, fro...

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This tour's right up there! Literally. High-altitude, high-adrenaline adventure starts in the evergreen Cascades and rolls along the Rockies. Touch down again in the Southwest where you'll find stunning sun-drenched landscapes. Rarely is the thrill of the open road greater.

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