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Posted by Tom Moore, 07/07/2014

Alaska is an absolutely brilliant state. If you are into wildlife, the great outdoors, scenery and action and adventure, then this tour will provide it in bucketloads. I felt exhausted after this trek, but at the end of it I could have done it again and again. I had such fun, from scenic flight to h...

Posted by Lucie Drdova, 24/07/2013

Perfect! Great tour leader (Amanda Cortes), awesome destination, the best highlights, sightseeing, animal watching, people, culture, tents...just the best trip in a looooongtime! Recommending Alaska to every single person!

Posted by Ben, 09/12/2012

Alaska is beautiful. it is huge, full of great views and wildlife. Even the people are friendly.

Posted by Marie-Louise Fullam, 04/12/2012

Alaska is a must to visit!!! put it on your bucket list. Everyday was super exciting, Highly recommend it. Our tour guide Eddie Ormond was fantastic and the group were amazing. I cant say enough good things about the whole expereince.

Posted by karina, 02/12/2012

Got the full wilderness experience with heaps of animals about.

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Amazement and your thrill-seeking compadres make great travel buddies on this tour. In the land of the midnight sun mountains soar, rivers churn and glaciers gleam electric blue. Glassy lakes and fragrant pine play their part too. The result is, well, wonderful.

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