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Posted by James, 01/04/2014

Just thinking bout my trip today, not sure why. Similar to this one, albeight 21 days, and Seattle to Denver, through to LA. Camping each night, seeing the wonders of the Western United States. Friendly people and all mixed well. No social media, no mobile phones when I went. All the better I reckon...

Posted by Martin , 28/08/2013

An amazing experience full of great sights, challenging hikes, great banter and all the food you can eat in the world (seriously those restaurants definitely pack your stomach). The trek was led by a very good tour leader who was well organised and took us to some great places.

I would s...

Posted by Chris Hansen, 28/08/2013

Stunning nature, great group, great leader... From standing at the rim of Grand Canyon and removing the blindfolds to sitting on the edge of a rubber raft going through very wild waters. From being stopped on the roads of Yellowstone by a lazy bison to hiking Angels Landing in Zion at sunrise.

Posted by scott wallis, 06/08/2013

An amazing non-stop action packed 2 weeks. part of the group were doing a longer trek, and welcomed the three of us joining just for the mountain trail with open arms. Our first stop off in Yellowstone was amazing, and the whole two weeks didn't get any less exciting!!! During the two weeks, Josh o...

Posted by Christina, 12/06/2013

I always used to look at beautiful places and think 'wouldn't it be nice' until one day I bit the bullet and grabbed life with both hands and booked it! It's been a huge part of the making of me and who I am today. Life's for living!!
I'm going to 'hike the inca trail' next week and southerner ...

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Follow the Rockies south from Seattle, through rugged canyons and windswept deserts. This trip is choc-a-block with campfire camaraderie, eerie ghost towns, horseback riding and scenic hiking, swirling rivers and abundant wildlife. Ready? Then let's hit the road, Jack.

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