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Posted by Supercha, 01/04/2014

What a great way to see so much of the West Coast.
I loved the trek, met some great friends and had a fab experience.

This is definitely more of a party tour, budget lodging was good, all clean hotels/ hostels. Saves time packing up tents everyday which means more time exploring. <...

Posted by jordaanalex, 22/02/2014


What an incredible 14 days on my Trek 'Westerner 2' with the amazing Trek America.

I had booked my trek last minute as I was in camp but didn't know how to travel the West Coast in a budge.
But, then I had just remembered Trek America from my agency.

The ...

Posted by marie, 20/02/2014

This was my first ever trip to America, and what a way to travel, I saw some of the most amazing sights and experianced things I will never experiance again, LA was superb, San Diego beautiful, Lake Havasu small but stunning, Grand Canyon the most amazing place you will ever see, I reccomend the hel...

Posted by Stup, 20/01/2014

The fact that I am writing this review over 3 months after I actually returned to the UK gives testament to how amazing this trip is.

If you want to see a huge amount of the west coast including the less 'touristy' places then this will be brilliant for you, we were there when the Govern...

Posted by Sarah83, 09/01/2014

There is no way to say this other then - you gotta try this!
We were a very diverse group but I can truly say that we had an amazing trip!

San Diego was the city i liked to most - relaxing on the beach and surfing - that's the life!

Lake Havasu - sleeping under the starts ...

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Mix it up with one potent California, Nevada and Arizona cocktail. The Pacific Coast sets an ultra mellow tone while a heady blend of adrenaline-fuelled cities adds real zip and zest to the mix. Serve on the rocks; none beat those around the Sierra Nevada and Grand Canyon.

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