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Posted by Helen Arnott, 10/06/2014

The Western BLT is a 1 week trek covering California, Arizona and Nevada. It promises variety, great scenery, great company and an all round great adventure. For anyone thinking of doing this trip, you wont regret it, so if you're like me and apprehensive about travelling on your own, just go for ...

Posted by F Willis, 07/06/2014

A well organised blend of cityscapes and beautiful scenery. This trip gives an excellent taster of the west coast and shows that the beauty of the USA is in it's sweeping vistas and it's melting pot of different people. Definitely recommend it but be prepared for long car rides and clothes for many ...

Posted by James Finch, 06/06/2014

What can I say, this is a perfect way to soak up lots of the headline parts of the USA in one week.

San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge was a magnificent start, without being too much too soon.

I was pleasantly surprised by Yosemite. Doing the walks/treks makes you look up...

Posted by Flick, 06/06/2014

Usually travel solo, so was expecting to "tolerate" the people on the trek for a week so that I could do the activities I wanted. Was a complete surprise to have the amount of fun I had. 13 was a good group size, because usually you could find someone else who wanted to do the same thing a...

Posted by Victoria Rowley, 06/06/2014

This was my first ever trek and I was a little nervous beforehand but it was one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had. We had a great group of trekkers from a variety of different countries and I got to know the majority of them really well. We had an organised and approachable tour lea...

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Can we let you into a little secret? It ain't just California. The call of Vegas is just too strong. As for the Grand Canyon. well, when you're this close, it seems crazy not to swing by. Hold the bacon, lettuce and tomato, I'll take a Budget Lodging Tour!

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