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Posted by Adeline Megna, 10/06/2014

I had an unforgettable experience on this tour! I'm a 25yro Aussie female traveling alone, and the all ages small group we had, we became a close group, even though it was a few days! The weather was perfect and all of the places we went to or shown were fascinating. Our tour leader Crystal, was kn...

Posted by Keiran, 25/09/2013

I had a great time with cool people around my age and a really funny trek leader. It was amazing to see the places that many only get to see in magazines. Got to see a different side of the Grand Canyon with torrential rain and hail storms but, nonetheless, will still take home many great stories an...

Posted by Verity McCormick, 17/09/2013

Sadly my second experience of trek America was not a good one! Our Trek Leader was lazy rude and more like a driver than a guide. He would just drop us off at locations and stay in the van rather than show us around and tell us about it!

Monument Valley was amazing, but sadly as our trek ...

Posted by Minna, 25/07/2013

I had a lot of fun with my group of 8 all in the same age group. The places we went to were amazing and so totally worth it! Monument Valley was my absolute favorite part of the trip, which was a little surprising since I had never heard of it before. My trek leader Ryan was great and it was really ...

Posted by sarah, 15/07/2013

Overall the trek was very sucessful, we got to see a lot in a short space of time which was ideal. In terms of the cost I think it was slightly overpriced, and I was dissapointed to have very few people remotely close to my age as I was put with couples 50, 60 plus.

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Cowboys, canyons and Indians - need we say more? Experience an authentic cowboy BBQ and bunkhouse accommodation before a night with the Navajo people deep in the heart of Monument Valley, then top it all off with the grandest canyon on earth!

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