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Posted by Tiger Lily, 05/10/2013

WhaT a beautiful ending to my trip in Alaska. It was not on our iteinary to explore this island. We were so grateful that our tour leader arranged such an adventurous trip for us.

We arrived Homer in the afternoon. I walked along old town and homer split. We ate Alaskan ice cream. It was...

Posted by Matt, 07/09/2013

This was my first trip with Trek America, and it totally exceeded my expectations. It immensely helped that I was with a great group of people from around the world that shared the same passion for adventure and exploration. I was a solo traveler so I came in a bit worried about what the group dynam...

Posted by Matthews, 23/07/2013

After meeting everyone and our leader Amanda, I knew I would be having an awesome week and then we got out of Anchorage into Alaska and the place is just stunning.
Amanda was very knowledgeable, helpful, inclusive and all in all helped make the trip what it was.
Of the optional activities...

Posted by Elle-Elle, 29/11/2012

The Alaskan Kenai was a really well organized tour and a great experience! I traveled on my own, but met a group of 13 super friendly people, with whom I spent an amazing week. I'm even still in touch with my tent buddy!

We went on a boat cruise and saw killer whales, we hiked up mountain...

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Test your mettle in the immense, untamed beauty of the 49th State. Pristine landscapes take the breath away, icy streams jump with salmon, while woodland lakes are perfect for canoeing and snooping on the wildlife. For one awesome week, say 'so long' to the so-called real world.

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