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Posted by Kealey, 26/07/2014

WOW. I can't emphasise just how much I enjoyed this trek. So it was one thing for me to read people's reviews before I went off but then it really hits you just how awesome this one is. I travelled with 2 other girls, and 7 guys (including our trek leader) awkward? no. amazing? YES. Everyday brought...

Posted by Martin, 21/07/2014

There is no way to review this trip. I was absolutely amazing. We had such a good group of people, which makes all the difference. Just be prepared to do a lot of driving (we totaled about 5000 miles), but totally worth it.

While the website says WiFi on the coach, don't expect to use it ...

Posted by Deynan, 16/06/2014

Fantastic experience, was a difficult first week having not had a long holiday haul in over 1 year and adjusting to being away, but after settling down and getting into camping and knowing the group we had a great time. From hiking in Zion, to walking across the Grand Canyon, jazz music in New Orlea...

Posted by Sabine , 07/06/2014

Travelling the Southern Sun last May was one of the best times of my life. I made so many great experiences and memories, made great friends. Together we travelled, laughed, partied, cooked, set up tents, etc.,in 21 days we drove 6000km through 13 States- best experience that you have to made at le...

Posted by Elisa Mailänder, 15/05/2014

It's impossible to put in words how amazing this trip was. I travelled alone but met so many like-minded, easy-going and funny people that became my best friends in these 3 weeks. From the first day it felt like we've been knowing eachother since forever. Of course, I need to thank our extremely f...

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This one's topped our charts for over thirty years, thanks to its blend of Eastern energy and slow-paced Deep South discovery mingled with mountains, canyons and cacti-studded deserts, before a laid-back West Coast sign off. Yes sir, this is one varied snapshot of the States.

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