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So am back from my southern sun trek and in work whilst i write this! gutted to be home ... i loved every min of this trek & if people are unsure of booking i say go for it! :)Not only do u see & do so many things but the people i met were amazing and had the best time ever! :)So from the start to finish i had an amazing time! Our leader Pe...

This was my first Trek America trip and it will not be may last! Everything about this trip was amazing, we had a great bunch off people and an amazing tour guide Mary-rae!

I'm the worst person for overthinking when it comes to meeting new people. So if you're unsure about booking this trek because of that sole reason then I urge you to book it right now. When I finally met everyone, I had missed out on weeks of conversation on Facebook and a few days wandering around New York but I never once felt like I wasn't accep...

If your a first time traveller or just want to explore the USA, then I totally recommend this trip as it was amazing!!! I had never travelled on my own before so wanted to be amongst other people, you make friends rather quickly and become a family within the weeks you spend together. Our trek leader 'Drew' was a great and always helped us out gett...

The trip was awesome! If you only have a couple of days at the West Coast but still wanna see all the highlights this 4 day trip is great. Camping is a lot of fun and everything was well organized. I wold totally recommend it!

I chose this trek over the others available due to the fact that it covered most of the main things I wanted to see. It really does live up to what it says, you do see SO much of America on this trek! Before the trek started, a few of us booked 3 extra days in the NY gateway hotel so we could explore New York properly as you do not go into it o the...

Started off a little nervous but that soon went, the group really clicked and just had the most amazing time. Everything was organised so well and the down time in camp became some of my best memories. The tour leader (Morgan) was the most enthusiastic and energetic person I've ever encountered. She'd be super excited for us to see things and had s...

If you're thinking about joining in with a Trek America tour - go for it, don't hesitate for a second! I was nervous about going on my own - but I'm so glad I went. I had the best month of my life!! From walking around Washington DC in the pouring rain and having to bail water out of our tents, to seeing the sunset over the Grand Canyon and so many...

So where do I start. If you are thinking of doing a bit of travelling for a month or maybe even more then I highly recommend this trek. I hardly knew anything about this company but after a few days I researched it and everything sounded great. So after a few months I'm booked on the southern sun leaving from New York to LA. At first I was really n...

The trek was the single best thing I've ever done! I was grouped with such a good group of people which made the experience better! The best parts for my were white water rafting, New Orleans, monument valley and Grand Canyon!! Thoroughly recomend anybody to do it!!

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